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Voces Oral History Project Interview with Frederick "Ted" von Ende

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0:22 - The South Texas/Border Initiative's effect on von Ende’s life

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Segment Synopsis: Dr. Frederick von Ende discusses how he came to write the report for the LULAC v. Richards case.

Keywords: Al Kauffman; Carl Parker; Gilberto Hinojosa; Miguel Nevárez; Norma Cantu; South Texas; the Valley

Subjects: M.A.L.D.E.F.; MALDEF; Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund; Pan American University; Texas A & I; Texas A&I – Kingsville; Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board; University of Texas--Pan American

8:38 - Development of and public reaction to the report

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Partial Transcript: “He was tough on me. He started off by asking me about my statistical expertise. He asked me if I had a doctorate in statistical analysis, and I said ‘No sir, I have a Ph.D. in Medieval English Literature.’ He looked like, ‘What are you doing up there?’”

I mean, if [the disparity in education] was obvious to an English teacher, it ought to be obvious to anybody.’”

Segment Synopsis: Von Ende used statistical analysis to determine what to put in the report. The report was eventually published early, and the third section of it was never finished. When he was called as a witness, he was forced to defend his role in writing the report.

Subjects: Hispanic Americans--United States; Hispanics (United States); LULAC v. Richards; Texas A & I University; Texas, South

18:09 - Careers in teaching and university administration

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Segment Synopsis: Von Ende often found himself in positions in university administration, though he did not seek out or even want many of the roles. He ended up working in administration, concurrently with teaching, for most of his career.

Keywords: Rio Grande Valley

Subjects: Pan American College; Pan American University; Ralph Frankling Schilling [Jr.]

30:09 - Childhood/First jobs/Meeting his wife

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Partial Transcript: “I decided my first day in college to be an English major. Everybody assumed that I was going to be a teacher – everybody except me. My parents were both teachers, and I didn’t think I wanted to be.”

Segment Synopsis: Von Ende discusses his childhood and his family. He talks about first jobs, how he found teaching and how he met his wife and started their family.

Keywords: McMurry College; Texas State College for Women; Texas Women's University

Subjects: Pan American College; Pan American University

61:07 - Developing the report and public reaction

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Segment Synopsis: He gathered evidence for the report and documented facts for it. He states that the statistics were fairly obvious and easy to come by. The fact was that there were as many as 400 doctorate programs in the Dallas-Fort Worth/North Texas area compared to one such program in the Border area.

Keywords: Kingsville, TX; Miguel Nevárez; Rio Grande Valley; South Texas Border Initiative; the Valley

Subjects: Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

79:09 - Reflections on current status of universities in the border region

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Partial Transcript: “I live in the Valley. I’ve retired. A lot of people asked me, ‘When you retire, where are you going to go?’ I said, ‘I’m going to go here.’ This is where I live, this is where my house is, this is where my children were born. This is where I worked most of my life. I like the Valley, and so I want it to continue to make it better better.”

“I don’t think I was surprising anyone with the information that I found. What it did was confirm what they already knew and felt. And so I think, sometimes, it’s just a question of gathering the information you need to support the point you’re trying to make.”

Segment Synopsis: Von Ende has a deep affection for the Valley and he wants to continue to improve educational opportunities in the region for as long as he can.

Keywords: LULAC; Rio Grande Valley; the Valley

Subjects: South Texas; South Texas Border Initiative; University of Texas Rio Grande Valley