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Voces Oral History Project with Jose Luis Aliseda

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4:56 - Aliseda's early life/The Spanish Civil War

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Partial Transcript: During the first 5 minutes of the interview, Aliseda discusses his family history and what it was like to be in Spain when the Spanish civil war broke out. His father was a teacher and went on to become a lawyer as well. Eventually, he also managed to get involved in politics. When the war started his family had to move away from their home and relocate in Portugal.

Keywords: Latin American

Subjects: Attorney; Childhood

12:14 - Moving around/Evading the Germans

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Segment Synopsis: During this segment, Jose discusses all the different places his family moved to during the war. He grew up in France for a little bit but was forced to leave due to a German invasion. Him and his family took a boat from France to New York, then a bus all the way to Mexico city. His family originally thought they would be in Mexico only a short time, and return to Spain soon. However, they ended up never making it back to Spain.

Subjects: Youth

24:05 - Education/Spanish Republican schools

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Segment Synopsis: Aliseda describes the type of school he attended while growing up in Spain. There were two different sides of the spanish civil war, the republicans had set up these schools and essentially paid for everything. Lots of refugee children attended these schools, and sometimes it was hard to communicate with one another because of all the different dialects people spoke in. Aliseda also goes on to explain the type of schooling he received while living in Mexico.

Subjects: Youth

32:59 - Life in Mexico/Life as a young Man

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Segment Synopsis: In this segment, Aliseda discusses moving to Mexico at the age of 6. He identified as Mexican since this is where he spent a lot of his time growing up. During this time period lots of important people came to work in Mexico for example, Luis Brunel. His father, a lawyer, could not practice law in Mexico but spent his days managing a pharmacy. In the 1950s Aliseda's mother unfortunately passed away, but shortly after this his father started to make occasional trips back to Spain. Aliseda finally made his return to Spain in 1978 for the first time. He also decided to pursue medical school, thanks to all the time he spent in his father's pharmacies growing up.

Keywords: Pharmacist

Subjects: Higher education; Lawyer

53:30 - The Vietnam War/Being a surgeon during the war

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Segment Synopsis: In this section, we learn about Aliseda's experience in serving in the Vietnam war. He starts off his anecdote by explaining how he left Mexico city for Illinois after he finishing medical school. His brother was a physician there, so he decided to join him and start his residency. By training Aliseda became an anesthesiologist. However, when Aliseda entered the county he also had to sign up for the draft. So after a short period of time in Chicago, he was recruited by the Army to go and serve in the Vietnam war. During his time in service, he acted as a surgeon and saved the lives of many soldiers. He talked about how he was never frightened, except for when MLK was murdered. Due to the tension between the African American soldiers and the southerners. Aliseda also discussed the complexity of war surgery and what it entails.

Keywords: Military Service; U.S. Army; Vietnam war

Subjects: African Americans

65:22 - Moving to Mcallen/Wrapping Up

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Segment Synopsis: In the back end of the interview we learn about what happened after Aliseda's service in the Vietnam war. He talks about what it was like to be away from his family, and also gives background on how him and his wife initially met. Aliseda also offers an interesting take on the battle of the Alamo and voices his opinions on how there are many misconceptions about it. He then closes with thoughts on the Spanish Civil war.

Keywords: The Valley

Subjects: Texas, South